Comparison Between Homecoming Iron Spider and Iron Spider MCU

Avengers Infinity War is coming in days. Some people must be excited to go to the premiere with Infinity War costumes.
We get many requests about Iron Spider Infinity War version (SC186), so we launch one. It's very close to the previous Homecoming Iron Spider (SC153) but has many updated parts. Still, some are confused on these two designs. Today, we make a comparison between these two designs. May it will can answer all your confusions.

Both designs are from Arachnidstudios. They look very close in style and colors, even the detailed texture. But if you look closer, you can notice the difference around wrists.

The second main difference is the spider on the back. On SC153 Iron Spider, the lower outside legs are longer and wider, while the lower inside legs are shorter and thinner. But on Iron Spider MCU design, the lower legs are the same width and the outside ones are shorter.

The third lies in the belt on the back. SC153 Iron Spider has black belt with gold outline, but Iron Spider MCU has red belt, no gold outline.

The biggest difference is on the legs. SC153 Iron Spider is bright with dark lines. And Iron Spider MCU has darker legs with bright lines. The lines are different also. And, the red boots are not the same.
I think these two design are both accurate to the films and are very beautiful. You can choose based on your preference.

PS: Iron Spider MCU is on sale by 30th April. It is a good chance to take one if it happens you need one.