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By Brittany 2017-01-09 01:42:42
I absolutely love this! It arrived in less than a week and fits perfectly! I got a size small: I'm 5'1, 32-24-34 measurements. The gloves and belt come detached FYI. Overall, no complaints about this!

Shego Of Kim Possible Female Super Villain Costume

Shego Of  Kim Possible Female Super Villain Costume
Gender : Male,Female,Kids
Add Shoes : NO Shoes,Add Shoes with Suit(US,3),Add Shoes with Suit(US,3.5),Add Shoes with Suit(US,4),Add Shoes with Suit(US,4.5),Add Shoes with Suit(US,5),Add Shoes with Suit(US,5.5),Add Shoes with Suit(US,6),Add Shoes with Suit(US,6.5),Add Shoes with Suit(US,7),Add Shoes with Suit(US,7.5),Add Shoes with Suit(US,8),Add Shoes with Suit(US,8.5),Add Shoes with Suit(US,9),Add Shoes with Suit(US,9.5),Add Shoes with Suit(US,10),Add Shoes with Suit(US,10.5),Add Shoes with Suit(US,11),Add Shoes with Suit(US,11.5),Add Shoes with Suit(US,12),Add Shoes with Suit(US,12.5),Add Shoes with Suit(US,13),Add Shoes with Suit(US,13.5),Add Shoes with Suit(US,14)
Custom-Made : YES,NO
Custom Option : Crotch Zipper for Male,Crotch Zipper for Female,Feet Detachable,Without Hands,Without Feet,Add Toes


By Schnubbnala 2017-12-31 11:12:33
It just fits perfectly, but the fabric is so stretchy I can still do a full split in it! I absolutely love it! I had to change the belt size a bit, because that's not custom tailered as well, but that's the only minor issue I had, otherwise I'm perfectly happy. Now I just have to wait for my Kim Possible to join me and then we can take proper pictures. :D
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