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By Ryann Mazur 2016-12-14 03:21:33
Aside from a few measurement errors, the costume looks great! Looks totally legit, love them emblem and the cape! Kids at local hospitals love it!

Popular 2015 New Batgirl Female Superhero Costume

Popular 2015 New Batgirl Female Superhero Costume
Gender : Male,Female,Kids
Custom-Made : YES,NO
Custom Option : Crotch Zipper for Male,Crotch Zipper for Female,Hood Detachable,Hands Detachable,Feet Detachable,Add Boots with Suit,Without Hands,Without Feet,Add Toes


By Aleksandra Kacperska 2017-09-10 12:09:44
The suit is awesome, great price and it fits perfectly, because it‘s sewn for your exact measurements, you won‘t be able to get a better suit anywhere else (I know because I spent so much time on looking for one). The cape is great and I love the fabrics they used, very high quality. I asked them to make the suit without the emblem, because I wanted to make my own version from PVC and there was no problem with it, you can ask for something and they will definitely do it for you :) Like I said, great price and fast delivery, I will definitely order again!
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