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Give back the advertising cost of Halloween to our customers

halloween  HALLOWEEN IS COMING! ^_^ We’ve got the costumes to make you a superhero! halloween
Very soon, Halloween will be upon us once more! That means that superhero costumes are going to be in short supply as some of the best costumes to wear. As an experienced costume site, Herostime.com has done a lot of preparation for the upcoming season of costumes and disguises. We've created many cool new designs and styles to meet the demand, as well as reduce processing time for this Halloween. We always work to perfect every detail when creating your costumes, and strive to continually improve the quality of our service.
Every year, to let all our customers (new and returning) know about what Herostime has to offer, we must devote a good deal of revenue towards advertising and promotion.
Unfortunately, the cost of advertising is often put into the final purchase price of our costumes. But! This year, we decided on an all-new promotion strategy: Give back the advertising cost to our customers! 
All you need to do to eliminate all advertising costs from your costume order is to help us promote our site on your favorite social networks! Simply talk about Herostime on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to help more people learn about our site. There is no need to exaggerate. If you are satisfied with our products and services, just share your thoughts honestly.
Social platforms that can be used for this promotion include:  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Blogs such as Tumblr
related topical forums such as cosplay.com, therpf.com, etc., 
and image-sharing sites such as DeviantArt and Instagram
1. the same content can be showed on different social media.
2. About the Facebook, Every review (on private profiles too) will get the reward ,Not only on facebook pages.
Everyone who helps in our new promotional campaign will be rewarded with discounts off their next purchase. 


1.The bonus depends on the content of your post. Including photos with accompanying text are the best.
2.All promotional posts must include links to our site.
3.The post on each forum must be separate as a stand-alone promotion, not just done in reply to another post.
4.The text written for personal blogs and in discussion forums must over 50 words, and include photos.
5.Please use your existing account to release your post. New accounts opened after the beginning of this promotion are not eligible to participate. (We need to hear from customers who have already shopped with us and can speak about their experiences.)
6.Each participating account may only post once every 3 days.
7.Please emphasize the advantages of shopping at Herostime.com (such as good quality, short processing time, and our abundant styles).
Your REWARDS for participating:
Rewards are given based on the content of each post. The base rewards are as follows:
1. Blog posts: $3-$10
2. Related Discussion Forums: $3-$10
3. Image-Sharing Sites: $1-$3
4. Facebook: $1-$5
5. Twitter: $1-$3
6. YouTube: $5-$20
Beyond these basic rewards, there are two extra encouragement
1.Every month we will award an extra bonus in response to the effectiveness of a post. The bonus can range from $10 to $100.
2.Every month we will select  one lucky participator to get a free costume as gift.
so there are tons of Rewards, We look forward to seeing many friends to participate in this program.
To let us know about your promotional post, just send the link to your promotion to our E-mail (ad@herostime.com).  We will check the content of your post and reply as soon as possible.
THANK-YOU to everyone who participates and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Special thanks:

1. Thanks Brian help us to write this article.

2. Thanks Alex give us some helpfull suggestion.

Here are some examples:


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