By Ken 2016-12-26 01:28:13
Love this suit! Great colors and it fits amazingly! I went with the removable hood, forearm zippers, and shoes attached options and I would highly recommend all of them. Only complaint is the lenses fogging up but I plan to apply something to prevent that from happening.

Newest Classic Spider-man costume 3D Printing Superhero Costume

Newest Classic Spider-man costume 3D Printing Superhero Costume
Gender : Male,Female,Kids
Fabric : Upgraded Fabric(thick and durable),Thicken Fabric(thicker&stronger)
Custom-Made : YES,NO
Custom Option : Add Eyes Lenses,Crotch Zipper for Male,Crotch Zipper for Female,Hood Detachable,Hands Detachable,Add forearm zipper,Add Calf Zippers,U-Shape Zipper,Add Boots with Suit,Add Detachable Boots,Without Hood,Without Feet


By Peter Parker ;) 2017-05-20 04:43:06
The quality and great detail cannot be admired on camera as it can in person, the suit looks brilliant. It fits really nice even though i got it sized an inch or two more compared to my overall height so i would consider that a plus, and one thing I really like is how the color does not fade as its being stretched. I was looking for a good suit, and i found one, personally recommend!
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