By Ken 2016-12-26 01:28:13
Love this suit! Great colors and it fits amazingly! I went with the removable hood, forearm zippers, and shoes attached options and I would highly recommend all of them. Only complaint is the lenses fogging up but I plan to apply something to prevent that from happening.

Newest Classic Spider-man costume 3D Printing Superhero Costume

Newest Classic Spider-man costume 3D Printing Superhero Costume
Lenses Styles : No Lenses,Style A
Gender : Male,Female,Kids
Fabric : Upgraded Fabric(thick and durable),Thicken Fabric(thicker&stronger)
Add Boots : NO Shoes,Add Boots with Suit(US,5),Add Boots with Suit(US,5.5),Add Boots with Suit(US,6),Add Boots with Suit(US,6.5),Add Boots with Suit(US,7),Add Boots with Suit(US,7.5),Add Boots with Suit(US,8),Add Boots with Suit(US,8.5),Add Boots with Suit(US,9),Add Boots with Suit(US,9.5),Add Boots with Suit(US,10),Add Boots with Suit(US,10.5),Add Boots with Suit(US,11),Add Boots with Suit(US,11.5),Add Boots with Suit(US,12),Add Detachable Boots(US,5),Add Detachable Boots(US,5.5),Add Detachable Boots(US,6),Add Detachable Boots(US,6.5),Add Detachable Boots(US,7),Add Detachable Boots(US,7.5),Add Detachable Boots(US,8),Add Detachable Boots(US,8.5),Add Detachable Boots(US,9),Add Detachable Boots(US,9.5),Add Detachable Boots(US,10),Add Detachable Boots(US,10.5),Add Detachable Boots(US,11),Add Detachable Boots(US,11.5),Add Detachable Boots(US,12)
Custom-Made : YES,NO
Custom Option : Crotch Zipper for Male,Crotch Zipper for Female,Hood Detachable,Hands Detachable,Add forearm zipper,Add Calf Zippers,U-Shape Zipper,Without Hood,Without Feet


By IAN SENPAI 2017-06-07 06:14:02
regarding the quality of the spandex indeed it is top notched. breathability wise a must wear for long convention as you will not be drenched in sweat. fits like a glove compared to some review that its a bit loose. lastly, the price is utmost cheap and the delivery of such is really fast. thank you herostime!
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