By Lori 2016-12-23 01:23:02
Shipping was really really fast! I ordered it a week ago and it came today! I live in Australia so I thought the suit would take heaps long to come but I am so surprised it came so fast. It is also really good quality and does stretch. I got a Large and was worried that my bust size would be too smallcbut it stretched and it fits really well :) I am really happy with this suit and the quality :) Thank you so much :)

D.Va Costume Video Game Overwatch D.VA Cosplay Costume

D.Va Costume Video Game Overwatch D.VA Cosplay Costume
Gender : Male,Female,Kids
Fabric : Upgraded Fabric(thick and durable),Thicken Fabric(thicker&stronger)
Custom-Made : YES,NO
Custom Option : Crotch Zipper for Male,Crotch Zipper for Female,Hands Detachable,Feet Detachable,Add forearm zipper,Add Calf Zippers,U-Shape Zipper,Add Boots with Suit,Add Detachable Boots,Without Hands,horizontal crotch zipper


By Chelsea Robbins 2017-06-05 16:13:50
Shipped incredibly fast. I ordered mine with attached shoes but I will probably order the next with detachable ones because it took me about 5mins just to get both feet in. During this process I noticed the suit isn't super sturdily attached to the shoes as a bit of material yanked when I was trying to get the shoe on my foot. I just hot glued it down as it was only one stitch. Aside from that it's a beautiful and detailed piece - very comfortable and brightly colored. The stitching on everything but the feet is high quality. Will be back to buy again.
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