By Lori 2016-12-23 01:23:02
Shipping was really really fast! I ordered it a week ago and it came today! I live in Australia so I thought the suit would take heaps long to come but I am so surprised it came so fast. It is also really good quality and does stretch. I got a Large and was worried that my bust size would be too smallcbut it stretched and it fits really well :) I am really happy with this suit and the quality :) Thank you so much :)

D.Va Costume Video Game Overwatch Cosplay Costume

D.Va Costume Video Game Overwatch Cosplay Costume
This Video Game Overwatch Hero D.Va Cosplay Costume is Designed by Gunheaddesign.Printed and Sewed by D.Va Costume is a Cool Costume for Girl / Women / Lady to Cosplay the Hero in Overwatch.


By Brianna 2016-06-09 00:44:38
The suit fits really well, the fabric is perfect and the sewing job is great
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